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NEW UPDATE July 19, 2018:

The temporary panel is almost completed to restore full power to Maria Regina Residence and we are looking forward to being reconnected to full power soon. Additional measures have been taken to supply air conditioning to the facility - one 80 ton and one 60 ton unit have been brought in and are currently cooling the rooms and hallways. The facility is currently comfortable, and we look forward to being back to full power soon.     

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, contact Tara Rogers, Director of Communications for the Sisters of St. Joseph, at 631-273-1187 x126/631-431-6012 (cell), or at


July 17, 2018 Update:

On July 10, 2018, Maria Regina Skilled Nursing Facility suffered a mechanical fire which destroyed the electrical distribution panel for the building. The fire was extinguished, but the facility lost power.  The emergency generator activated to supply emergency power to key areas.  The air conditioning for the building was impacted.


Due to the scope of the damage, a temporary electrical distribution panel must be manufactured and installed before the electrical utility company can connect our system back to full power.  The completion date to install the temporary distribution panel has not been finalized due to the custom work that has to be done to connect the system. During this emergency situation, as we await the installation of the temporary panel in order to return to full power, the following actions and plans were implemented immediately and continue today:
• Designated staff is monitoring temperatures in residence rooms, common rooms and hallways on all units at various time intervals and reporting any temps above 81 degrees to building maintenance immediately.  Temperatures are being taken by designated nursing staff and maintenance staff who report concerns to the Director of Building Services for action.
• Fans are in place on all resident units to provide increased air circulation.
• Staffing has been increased as necessary to provide monitoring of residents.
• Increased hydration program has been implemented and is being monitored by nurse managers.  Any change in status is reported to the medical providers.
• High risk/vulnerable residents and those who cannot advocate for themselves are monitored by nurse managers/supervisors and action taken as necessary.
• Medical providers have been notified by Medical Director of the power disruption.
• Residents have been spoken to and reassured regarding the current situation by nursing staff and social work.
• The designated contacts of all residents have been contacted regarding the situation by social work.
• The adult day health program has been suspended temporarily and can be used for residents.
• Shephard’s Gate on the property has common space with ramps that can be used for residents and is air conditioned.  This space was used during the period without power.
• Daily meetings are held with all designated staff to apprise all of the current situation and plan moving forward.
• The kitchen has implemented our emergency menu and has gone to disposables. Refrigeration is on the
 emergency generator. 
• A larger emergency generator was obtained to allow the building to increase cooling units.  Small portable a/c units were also obtained and are in use in cooling areas.
• The Department of Health was immediately notified and has been consistently monitoring our situation.
• Senior administrative staff are on site every day and on call to monitor the situation.
As of today, July 17, 2018, parts are arriving to restore the electrical distribution panel, and additional cooling units have been ordered. The process has begun to place large cooling units on separate generator power to increase cooling to building.  Additional portable units have also been ordered.  Residents continue to be moved to cooling areas as necessary.  Maria Regina’s leadership team has updated our emergency partners (nursing homes, transportation) of the potential need to transfer residents if necessary for health and safety.

We will be continuously updating this site with new information about this situation. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, contact Tara Rogers, Director of Communications for the Sisters of St. Joseph, at 631-273-1187 x126/631-431-6012 (cell), or at

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience!

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