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Living Stations of the Cross
March 16 at 2:30pm
Maria Regina
You are  invited to attend  “The Journey, Cross and Crucifixion”, a dramatic presentation of the Stations of the Cross.  The service is offered by Creative Ministries, a troupe of Christian actors, musicians and dancers. All are invited to re-live the Passion of our Lord as we follow the Stations of the Cross. The service will be held on Saturday, March 16th
at 2:30pm 
in the Maria Regina Chapel.  A free-will offering for the troupe is appreciated.  For questions, please call 631-299-3187.
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We at Maria Regina believe that we are surrounded by people who are inspiring, remarkable, and who have made lasting contributions to their families, communities, and the world.

With the residents' permission, they were interviewed by students from St. Joseph College. Beginning on the Feast of All Saints Day, before the closing blessing at our noon mass, we have read one resident's bio applauded her or his achievements, and celebrated the saints among us.




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You are invited to two events at Maria Regina:

February 5 and 19 at 11:00 am

February 26 at 11:15 am


Our February presenter for Maria Regina’s “Year of Union with God and One Another” is Sister Josephine Daspro, CSJ.  She will offer two-part series, “The Enduring Heart” held on February 5th and 19th at 11:00 am in Macrina’s Place. During our time together, we will explore the enduring heart -- the heart of the person who has lived a long life; a life that seeks  understanding and acceptance of all the events of life’s journey. Resolving the past leads to growing feelings of becoming of an “elder.”  One who has not integrated the past with the present becomes ‘elderly’ always seeing life as half empty. As we age, we continue to have choices knowing that God is the one who invites us into a deeper reality for the long haul.    


On February 26, Sister Kathy Schlueter, CSJ and her Lady of the Hamptons boys’ choir will visit Maria Regina.  We are thrilled!  The boys will give a concert before Mass at 11:15 am and then sing at Mass.  If you haven’t had the privilege of hearing them sing and being in their delightful company, please come by!  You will be smiling from ear to ear. They are full of life and a true reflection of God’s presence among us.  


All are welcome!


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Retreat at Maria Regina

Sister Pat Duffy, OP, is giving at three-day retreat at Maria Regina: Abide in My Love: Keeping Company with Jesus.  During this retreat time, we will reflect upon our personal relationship with Jesus and the ways we find inner peace and hope in our Lord. Click here for the event flyer: flyer Duffy.pdf


September 12, 13 & 14 


11:15am  Conference

12:00pm  Mass

2:30pm    Prayer Presentation


The Maria Regina Chapel


Fr. Jerry DiSpigno or Fr. Frank Pizzarelli will say Mass during the retreat.


All Are Welcome! 



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Pictured above are Maria Regina's 2018 Scholarship Recipients.

Pictured from left to right:  Brenda Burton, Administrator; Shirley Adu Arthur, LPN; Ann Moyette, Director of Nursing; Elise Blot, LPN; Julie Russo, Assistant Director of Nursing; Theresa Mintern, Director of Human Resources.

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A select group of MRR nurses have completed the Pathways to Leadership program which focused on communication, time management and organizational skills.
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MRR was awarded a 2017 grant from NYS for three new educational programs that will continue to enhance the quality of care for our residents.
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MRR achieved the highest quintile in the NYS Nursing Home Quality Pool which rates nursing homes on a number of quality and organizational measures.
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