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We lovingly invite you to the Advent offerings at Maria Regina. This year, a different presenter will be with us each Tuesday to focus on the Advent theme for the week. We welcome all to join us to prepare our hearts and minds for the Lord’s birth on Christmas.

Week #1            Hope      Nov. 26th @ 2:30pm             
St. Padre Pio comes to life as Barbara Fuina speaks about the miracle of Anthony Fuina through his intercessions. Come hear an inspiring story of how her husband was miraculously healed.
Week #2            Faith         Dec. 3rd @11:15am          
Msgr. John Bennett calls us to renew our faith in the incarnate God of Love so that we live in full communion, joy, and peace with our God.
Week #3            Joy             Dec. 10th @ 2:30pm         
Taizé Prayer Service  guided by  Sister Noel Cullen, CSJ
Week #4           Peace    Dec. 17th @ 2:30pm                  
Mercy Sr. Camille D’Arienzo, who served for 40 years as a religion commentator for 1010 WINS Radio, will share “Stories of Forgiveness” as a way to enter Christmas with a peace-filled heart.  Sr. Camille is also the closing speaker for our “Year of Union with God and One Another.”
Also, our Christmas Eve Midnight Mass is at 4pm.  Christmas Day is at 11:45am.  Please see attached calendar for the Pastoral Care offerings at Maria Regina this Advent season. You are most welcome to join us at any time.
May your Holy Days & Holidays be Blessed!
Love from the Pastoral Team
From Europe and Back: An Afternoon of Keyboard Percussion Music
September 16 at 2:30pm
A local Brentwood native is in town with his internationally touring Marimba Trio and he would like to perform for us.   The trio consists he and his colleagues from Poland and Spain.   This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about the marimba and to hear the instrument’s resonate tones.  Please join us and invite friends.  Donations for the trio are welcome.

Maria Regina Concert Poster.pdf

Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima
is Visiting Maria Regina
Friday, July 19
10:30am – Brief talk, time for prayer and silence
Noon – Mass
Our Chapel
The world-famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Fatima has been traveling since 1947, bringing the message of Fatima to a world in need. The visitation of this Statue is a spiritually powerful event as she touches the heart in ways that cannot be measured.  Come experience the graces and blessings of Fatima!

Our Year of  Union with God and One Another brings an upbeat and joy-filled parish youth minister to Maria Regina. Please join us!

Focus on Nourishing the Soul

Tuesday, July 23


Maria Regina Chapel

Making a difference in the lives of children and teenagers for nearly 30 years, Diocesan youth minister Joe Gast brings his lively spirit to Maria Regina.  His faith is influnced by his membership in and commitment to the Salesian Cooperators of St. John Bosco.   An optimist by nature,  he will share his perspective on spiritual health and how to live our lives with  joy and positivity. Story-telling, humor and prayer will create a multi-sensory experience.  All are welcome!

Click on the link below for the Holy Week Schedule at Maria Regina Residence:

Holy Week Schedule 2019 

Living Stations of the Cross
March 16 at 2:30pm
Maria Regina
You are  invited to attend  “The Journey, Cross and Crucifixion”, a dramatic presentation of the Stations of the Cross.  The service is offered by Creative Ministries, a troupe of Christian actors, musicians and dancers. All are invited to re-live the Passion of our Lord as we follow the Stations of the Cross. The service will be held on Saturday, March 16th
at 2:30pm 
in the Maria Regina Chapel.  A free-will offering for the troupe is appreciated.  For questions, please call 631-299-3187.

We at Maria Regina believe that we are surrounded by people who are inspiring, remarkable, and who have made lasting contributions to their families, communities, and the world.

With the residents’ permission, they were interviewed by students from St. Joseph College. Beginning on the Feast of All Saints Day, before the closing blessing at our noon mass, we have read one resident’s bio applauded her or his achievements, and celebrated the saints among us.

You are invited to two events at Maria Regina:

February 5 and 19 at 11:00 am

February 26 at 11:15 am


Our February presenter for Maria Regina’s “Year of Union with God and One Another” is Sister Josephine Daspro, CSJ.  She will offer two-part series, “The Enduring Heart” held on February 5th and 19th at 11:00 am in Macrina’s Place. During our time together, we will explore the enduring heart — the heart of the person who has lived a long life; a life that seeks  understanding and acceptance of all the events of life’s journey. Resolving the past leads to growing feelings of becoming of an “elder.”  One who has not integrated the past with the present becomes ‘elderly’ always seeing life as half empty. As we age, we continue to have choices knowing that God is the one who invites us into a deeper reality for the long haul.    


On February 26, Sister Kathy Schlueter, CSJ and her Lady of the Hamptons boys’ choir will visit Maria Regina.  We are thrilled!  The boys will give a concert before Mass at 11:15 am and then sing at Mass.  If you haven’t had the privilege of hearing them sing and being in their delightful company, please come by!  You will be smiling from ear to ear. They are full of life and a true reflection of God’s presence among us.  


All are welcome!